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5. June 2021: Live Stream of Bethesda (GERMAN ONLY)

I had the honor to be part of Bethesda's Live-Stream in Frankfurt (5th of June).
 Thank you, Bethesda & Kai Schober for this great evening! Together with amazing guests: Streamer Alex0s,
Cosplayer Kim on the Rocks, Singer of Saltatio Mortis (Alea), Youtube Star Saftiges Gnu and star cook Dominik Käppeler
we did things as painting, crafting, playing music instruments and had delicious food inspired by
"The Elder Scrolls Online"
I did my first live painting session ever!

Stream on Twitch

This is the final painting of "Leyawiin". It shows the capital city of "Blackwood" (Leyawiin). I prepared the city at home and painted all the trees and light beams live during the stream. As soon as I arrived home I finished it :)
Acrylic on canvas (40x30cm)

 August 2018 

Interview with Bethesda

2 Paintings of "Artaeum" 

In August of 2018 I had the honor to do 2 paintings for Bethesda / Zenimax Germany from 

"The Elder Scrolls Online"

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Consent & Show

2 Paintings of "Artaeum" 

As I received the request of Zenimax Germany's Community Manager to make 2 paintings for the community, I was overwhelmed and super excited! They came to my house to interview me about my work and watched me working on their painting. 

In the Game I had to pick a location I would like to paint most, and I 
chose "Artaeum" - a high-elf ruin. 

In addition to the "normal" image like it is shown in the game, I recreated the beautiful landscape as I envisioned it inside a mindtrap, much like the one featured in the ESO: Summerset’s tutorial.